Our Guided Transportation Service are perfect for

  • Families
  • Couples
  • Group of friends.
  • Cruise ship Travelers.

You will have your very own private, courteous and safe driving chauffeur.

Let us take you around to explore the best sights and places in Cozumel Island Mexico. As there is not a set schedule or route chosen, there are many possible ways to do this. Any combination could be possible.

Below you will find some examples of what you can do. But in the end, is all your choice.

Our personalized guided tours are entertaining, fun and educational, our transportation are very comfortable 2018 models that can fit up to 14 people, with impeccable cleaning and A/C.

Let us the driving, sit back and enjoy Cozumel Island!


City Tour

Cozumel is a small city full of history, culture and colors.

In this tour you will learn about its monuments, visit our neighborhoods and local schools; We will enter to the "real" town (outside of the touristic area) and tell you the stories of our people, our ancestors... it will be an unforgettable trip.

You will have time to take pictures, since it is a flexible tour that allows you to flow at your own pace within the itinerary.




1 hour

Mayan Culture Tour

Small tour on a Mayan culture replica.




35 min

Sightseeing on the eastside

Enjoy the island scenic route while the guide talks about Cozumel history and some local stories. A truly breathtaking drive with short stops to take photos too.




1.5 hours

Tequila Experience
Photo of the Tequila Experience in Cozumel, Mexico.

Among the legends that explain the origin of this beverage, there is one that says that there was an electrical storm and when this kind of energy heated the agave plants, a honey with pleasant aroma caught the attention of the natives; who discovered that when it got fermented and they drunk it, it had relaxing powers and euphoria effects. So, they thought it was a gift from the gods.

Learn more about tequila on this tour and savor its different styles in our Tequila tour. And you will also have the chance of tasting different kinds of Tequila.




35 min

ATV Tours
Photo of the Atv tour

Imagine the sensation of pressing your thumb to the throttle, hearing the engine roar and then racing through the beautiful exuberant tropical jungle in Cozumel.

Two caverns, a cenote and one Mayan ruin with some time at the end to speed up. Be part of this adventure!


Single Rider:.....$65 USD
Double Rider:.......$95 USD


1.5 Hours

Chocolate Experience

Take the tour and learn about the chocolate history, craft your own or just do the sample tasting.

Entrance Fee:

Infants (0 to 4):.....FREE
Children(5 to 11):.....$10 USD
Adults(11+):...........$10 USD

Duration: 25 min

Local attractions

San Gervasio

Cozumel history began as a pilgrimage site; the shrines of Ixchel, goddess of fertility, drew worshippers from all over the Mayan empire. The site of this worshiping was what is now the San Gervasio ruins, located on the transversal road going east on the island.

Discover how ancient cultures lived, imagine how they were, what they liked… because you have to know the past, to understand the present.

Entrance Fee:

Children(1 to 10):....FREE
Adults(11+):...........$10.8 USD

Duration: 1 hour

Beach Clubs

Buccanos Beach Club

Entrance Fee:

Infants(1 to 3):.................FREE
Childrens(4 to 11):...........$20 USD
Adults(11+):.....................$20 USD

Are you coming to Cozumel?

Let us drive you to the best vacation day, our Guided Transportation is the best way.


  • Trip Type:

    Guided Private Van Service
  • Included:

    1. Certified Tour Guide
    2. Air-conditioned Van
    3. Bottles of water
    4. Ice chests
  • Duration:

    4 hours Service
    Note: Extra hour $30 USD
  • Meeting point:

    Finding us at your cruise terminal will be very easy for you, your driver will be waiting for you at a specific point convenient for you.

    Depending on your ship port or hotel we will send you directions to locate it.

    1. Puerta Maya cruise pier (Carnival Cruise Ships.)
    2. International cruise pier (Royal Caribbean Cruise Ships.)
    3. Punta Langosta cruise pier (Disney, Norwegian, MSC Cruise ships.)
  • Notes:

    With us, you will be going with private transportation and the trust that a private chauffeur will be there for you during the whole time in case you have any questions or need to suddenly come back earlier than expected.

    Child seats free of charge!

    Admissions to local attractions, Beach Clubs, food, and beverage Not Included in the price.

    Our transportation are very comfortable 2018 models that can fit up to 14 people per van, with impeccable cleaning and A/C.

  • Rates:

    1 to 2 passengers........ $ 159 USD

    3 to 4 passengers....... $ 219 USD

    5 to 8 passengers....... $ 299 USD

    9 to 12 passengers.......$ 349 USD

    13 to 14 passengers......$ 399 USD

    We can accommodate larger groups. Contact Us for details and special pricing.

Reservation Request

Are you ready for a great vacation day?

Make your reservation now with us to avoid big lines, big bus or massive activities. We are locals guiding you through our island. Private transportation and personalized attention for you and your beloved ones.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Popular Questions

  • What is the best beach in Cozumel?

    All the beaches in Cozumel are beautiful and they offer different experiences to our visitants.

    We recommend this beach excursion to relax, to have fun snorkeling; you can also rent jet skis and Cozumel island is one of the best places in México to parasailing.

  • Is Cozumel safe?

    One of the biggest concerns for potential vacationers is whether or not the place they´ve chosen to visit is safe.

    Let us tell you that our peaceful island is rated as one of the safest places in Mexico.

    So the answer is YES! Feel free to come and visit the astonishing beaches and cultural places in our beloved island.

  • Which payment methods are available?

    We require a $5.00 USD per person deposit via Paypal to make a reservation.

    Please note:

    The balance must be paid at time of excursion to the Tour Operator via Cash, Debit, Credit Card (VISA, MASTERCARD.) In the case of a group reservation total balance must be paid in one lump sum, separate per person payments are not accepted.

    Refund due to Operators cancellations other than Ships not calling Port will be refunded by the Tour Provider at time of the Excursion.

Do you still have questions left?

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We look forward to meet you!


Cozumel, Quintana Roo