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In Cozumel there are three concepts of beach.

This is what you need to know before you choose a beach in Cozumel.

1.- Public Beach:

Our public Beaches have no entry cost; they offer sun, sand and sea from dusk until dawn. They have no facilities to enjoy, nor activities… they are completely natural and most of them are 45 min away from the cruise ship docks which means you have to rent a car, motorcycle or hire a round trip taxi.

Note: That also most of these areas have no phone reception.

As locals, we go often, and we go prepared with a chiller to have water, soft drinks, beers, snacks and food. We also bring our own beach chairs and umbrellas.

If you travel on a cruise ship and come only for a few hours to Cozumel, we recommend the following two beach concepts:

  • Freemium
  • Beach Club

2.- Freemium:

The freemium beaches offer all the basic you will need for a nice beach day with the business model of pay as you go. When you see a "free" beach with facilities usually only the entrance is free, but they rent you at higher cost each installation or the prices in the restaurant are higher compared to other places.


  • A beach chair will be minimum $ 10 usd
  • Umbrella $ 10 usd.
  • Etc.

Remember you will still have to pay your round-trip transportation.

3.- Beach Club:

A beach club has an entrance fee, that includes facilities such as lounge chairs, swimming pool, “palapas” or umbrellas, WIFI, hammocks, restrooms, etc. You will also find activities at extra cost such as snorkeling, diving, jet skis, parasailing, etc.

It does not include transportation.




Did you know?

On our BEACH DAY EXCURSION , we have included entry cost to the beach club in a special package where the price is lower compared to individually paying for everything, we cover the round-trip transportation plus we are always aware of cruise ship departure timing.

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