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What to do in Cozumel, Mexico?

So, are you planning to visit Cozumel, Mexico or is your cruise ship arriving at the island? This is what you need to know!

Here the main industry is thanks to you and everyone that visits Cozumel. The official currency is the Mexican Peso but US Dollars are accepted by everyone as other currencies like Pounds or Euros.

You can google the exchange rates but remember those are average amounts.

When you arrive by cruise ship, most if not all of the tours, excursions and transportation are priced in US Dollars so no need to exchange your money to Mexican Pesos.

Some travelers book their excursions on the cruise directly, but you can have better rates if you make your reservation online or at the cruise pier at your arrival.

We truly recommend making a reservation online to secure your spot and avoid big lines at the cruise pier. Somedays we have around 8 cruise ships at Cozumel.

If you want to walk, take some pictures and do some shopping, go visit the downtown in the only city of the island “San Miguel”, where you will find all kind of souvenirs and good restaurants.

If you want to travel back in time and learn about the Mayan Culture visit “San Gervasio” the Mayan archeological site. Located 30 min from the cruise terminal ports.

One of the most popular activities for cruise travelers is to enjoy the beach. Cozumel is surrounded by the Caribbean Sea and I do believe all of the areas are beautiful but in a different way. Some are public but natural, so you don’t have any facilities like restrooms, chairs, umbrellas, etc. no services like restaurants or activities of any kind. They are located 35 min driving distance from the cruise terminals.

For cruise travelers I strongly recommend a Beach Club. All of them have an entrance fee but that will give you access to restrooms, beach chairs, umbrellas, swimming pool, etc.

Some of the most popular beach clubs are:

  • Mr. Sancho’s Beach Club – This is a good option if you want all-inclusive and looking to party at the beach. I don’t recommend this club for families with kids, people go there to drink a lot.
  • Playa Mia Water Park – This is an all-inclusive recommended for families with kids of any age. It has fun areas all over the place, from waterslides and trampolines to beach activities as kayaks.
  • Buccanos Beach Club – If you aren’t interested in all-inclusive beaches and you just want to relax but still have some fun this option is for you. The facilities are great and all the members of the family will enjoyed it. The beach area is small but is crystal clear water and no seaweed 99% of the times. It also has a nice swimming pool for everyone and cool activities like snorkel, wave runners, parasailing and more. If you get hungry, don’t worry! There is a restaurant and bar available and the cook is amazing!

You want something more active and wild? Try the ATV Tour “El Viejo y Yo”. In the jungle you will visit 3 caves, one cenote and a bat cave. Kids can ride as passengers and the duration of the tour is one hour and a half.

Finally, my last recommendation for cruise travelers is to choose only 3 different kind of activities or places to visit, the reason? Time flies really quick on paradise.

If you need more information don’t hesitate to contact us, we can help you plan your vacations.

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